Gypsum Ceiling Design

The description of Gypsum Ceiling Design
The ceiling or ceiling is the upper interior surface associated with the top of a room. Generally, the ceiling is not a structural element, but rather a surface that covers the floor of the roof structure above. Based on the development of the present era there are many types of ceilings on the market, which you can application on home or other buildings.

Before choosing the model and the basic material of the house ceiling you will use in the design later, it helps you to know what types of ceilings and learn the advantages and disadvantages of each type of ceiling. Some of the ceilings are among others

- Triplex ceiling
- Plasterboard Plasterboard or Asbestos
- Fiber Ceiling
- Gypsum ceiling
- Acoustic Ceiling

Ceiling of a house with the word ceiling that becomes the barrier between the wall and the roof carries the function of more than a limited cover only. In addition to being useful as an insulator, the ceiling also hangs lamps and electronic equipment, and as a member of home decor. Starting from the type of gypsum ceiling to the model of plywood and wooden ceiling, the ceiling is important to beautify your home.

Although it can be made of many materials, gypsum is a popular ceiling material, especially in minimalist model houses. This is not without reason, because it has many advantages, what are the advantages of this gypsum ?:

- The resulting ceiling is more flat and smooth.
- Very very easy to be formed into various types of ceiling, from conventional to tangible cathedral.
- Gypsum has a very large variety, especially for accessories in the corner, middle, and lisnya.
- It's easy to find, and the price is very affordable aka not expensive.
- Can be installed easily, whether you are using a hollow iron frame, or wooden framework.
- Fast and neat, gypsum allows you to create results directly.
- Have different colors and sizes, so you can choose the most suitable for your needs.

Use of Ceiling or Ceiling:

- In order for the room under the roof always looks clean and does not look roof truss,
- To hold dirt from the roof field through the cracks of the roof,
- To withstand sprinkling of water, so that the whole room is always protected,
- To reduce heat from sunlight through the roof field

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