Mechanical Engine Motor

The description of Mechanical Engine Motor
Motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle driven by a machine. The location of the two wheels is a straight line and at high speed the motorcycle remains stable due to the gyroscopic force. While at low speed, the stability or balance of a motorcycle depends on the handlebar arrangement by the rider. The use of motorcycles in Indonesia is very popular because the price is relatively cheap, affordable for most people and the use of fuel and operational costs are quite frugal.

Motorcycles are the development of conventional bikes that were first discovered. In 1868, Michaux ex Cie, the first company in the world to produce bikes on a large scale, began to develop steam engines as a bicycle driving force. But the effort was still unsuccessful and then continued by Edward Butler, an English inventor. Butler makes three-wheeled vehicles with a motor through internal combustion. Since the discovery, more experiments have been made to make motorcycles and cars. One of them is by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach from Germany.

The machine is a tool for generating power, it is called the prime mover. So the engine here serves to change the heat energy from the combustion chamber to mechanical energy in the form of a rotary power. The power or power to drive the vehicle is obtained from the heat from the burning of the fuel. So the heat that arises because of the combustion is what is used to drive the vehicle, in other words the pressure of the burning gas will cause a rotation of the crank axis of the engine.

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