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The chair is a home furniture commonly used as a seat. In general, the seat has 4 legs which is used to support the body weight on it. Some types of chairs, such as barstool, have only 1 leg located in the middle. Sometimes the chair is also equipped with a footrest.

Folding chair is one example of the type of chair that is quite famous. Named folding seats because these chairs can be folded when not in use so it is more practical when stored. Based on the structure, folding chair can be divided into 2 kinds of folding chairs and folding tables without a table. Each type of folding chair has different benefits and usage.

Rattan is a group of palms from the tribus of Calameae that has a climbing habitus, notably Calamus, Daemonorops, and Oncocalamus.

Rattan stems are usually slim with a diameter of 2-5 cm, long segments, not hollow, and many are protected by long, hard, and sharp spines. These spines serve as a means of self-defense of herbivores, as well as help climbing, because rattan is not equipped with tendrils. A rattan can reach hundreds of meters long.

Rattan commonly used in industry is not too much. Some of the most commonly traded are Manau, Batang, Tohiti, Mandola, Tabu-Tabu, Suti, Sega, Lambang, Blubuk, Java, Bitter, Kubu, Track, Slimit, Worm, Semambu, and Pulut.

After cleansing of the thorny midrib, the rattan should be treated for preservation and protected from the Blue Stain mushrooms. Broadly speaking there are two processing processes of rattan raw materials: Cooking with kerosene for medium / large rattan and Smoking with sulfur for small rattan.

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